Microsoft wins a $480-million contracts from US Army for supplying headset with Hololens augmented reality (AR) to the military branch for training and combat purposes. Microsoft defeated other AR  headset companies i.e Magic Leap in a process of bidding for the two year long contract.

As per the contract, 2500 to 10,000 headsets are expected to be delivered within in a two years term.

It is obviously more advance AR headset than its predecessor which work well with the factory workers, supplied by Microsoft earlier. Beside current generation of Hololens its capable of some more features including  items like the device's FoV will have a requirement within 55 and 110 Degrees. Having a weight less than
680 Gram. and compatible with existing military helmets.
This device specially designed  to help tracking weapons and allow soldiers to see simulated fire from there  real weapons use during the firing.No doubt Microsoft is really trying to keep the US military up to date with the latest AR technology.

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