The green hope of human as a cotton seed which China claims to grow on moon's far side died merely hours after celebrating the plant's Successful Germination. The news comes from Xinhua, China's state-owned press agency. It is not that surprising considering moon's harsh inhabitable climate condition. The main reason behind its death is the Temperature which dropped to - 170 degrees Celcius during the lunar night. After the beginning of the Chinese rover's first lunar night on the ninth day, the  Cotton plant died. Along with Cottonseed, rapeseed, potato, rockseed, yeast and fruit fly eggs were sent space on Chang'e inside a canister. Chinese scientist wanted to create a self-sustaining mini biosphere to if life could survive on the far side of the moon or not. Though they provide the cotton seedling all the essential nurturing element like water, natural sunlight and apparently a temperature regulator, it could not sustain the Moon's frigid temperature. The experiment was mainly aimed to study into the potential ways astronauts might be able to live in space during a lengthy mission. Perhaps cottonseed could provide the need of clothes to astronauts.

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